Shark Bites – news & sightings

Good news & bad news for great white sharks…

Bad: The federal government has decided not to list great white sharks as an endangered species. This means they don’t get the additional protections that go along with being an endangered species. (California is expected to make its decision next winter.)

Good: As of today, in California, it’s now illegal to possess, sell, offer for sale, trade or distribute shark fin. That means anything made with shark fins, like shark fin soup, can no longer be sold in California. Any restaurants or markets that sell shark fin products will face fines up to $1,000 per violation. Around the world, millions of sharks are killed each year for their fins. Fishing crews cut off the fins and throw the sharks, still alive, back into the ocean where they suffer and die. The goal of the new law is to reduce demand for shark fins. Several other states, like Hawaii, Oregon, Washington and others, have passed similar bans on the sale or possession of shark fins. A healthy shark population means a healthy ocean, so raise your fins in celebration!