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It’s no secret that vampires crave tasty red liquids. A favorite night-dweller beverage is American red ale. With a medium to full body, medium malt character, and medium hop bitterness and flavor, American reds are all about balance. On the beer color spectrum, red ales are darker than pale ales and amber ales, yet lighter than brown ales or dark ales.

My favorite beer in the world is West Coast style red ale. West Coast reds are often more aggressively hopped and have a drier finish than other red ales.

How do reds get their distinctive crimson color? These ales use a specialty malt called roasted barley to create a rich color—ranging from dark amber to deep red to copper hues—and a nice roasty flavor.

Coming up, we’ll explore my top 3 favorite West Coast style red ales, among other cool topics. Want to taste? Hint: All 3 beers hail from San Diego County.