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Book Buzz – DARK SURF news & goings-on

DARK SURF, the novel, is NOW available for sale as a paperback & e-book on! 

TODAY, Sept. 30, is the official “launch day” and it’s our goal to register as many sales as possible to get the book on Amazon’s bestseller lists! 

Would YOU like to help? Here’s how:

  1. BUY DARK SURF on SEPT. 30, the official launch day on To make it easy, use this link:
  2. TELL EVERYONE you know about DARK SURF & share the above link.
  3. After you read it, write a REVIEW on Reviews are a huge help to authors. (But DON’T say you know me personally, if you do; Amazon frowns on that.)

Thank you for being part of the DARK SURF team!!!

And I hope you enjoy reading the book! You’ll never look at the beach the same way again…

Dark Surf front cover

Dark Surf front cover

Book Buzz – DARK SURF news & goings-on

Mark your calendars! Sept. 30—just 1 week from today—DARK SURF will be available for sale as a paperback & e-book on!

That’s right! Sept. 30 is the official launch day. And I can’t wait for you to experience a whole NEW twist in the vampire genre! Just 7 more days…

Dark Surf front cover

Dark Surf front cover

BeachStyle – beaches

Ke’e Beach is located in Ha’ena State Park at the west end of Highway 56. Literally at the end of road, it’s the last beach accessible by car on Kauai’s north shore.

Ke'e Beach lagoon

Ke’e Beach lagoon

Ke’e’s ocean lagoon is protected from waves by reefs and ideal for the calm ocean conditions of the summer—which means it’s also one of the most visited (and crowded) beaches on the island.

I visited at sunset on the first day of autumn and it really wasn’t too crowded. The warm ocean water is incredibly clean and clear, allowing you to watch the sunset from above or underwater.

Despite the gentle feel of the lagoon, the currents can be strong, so be aware of where you are and where you want to be. While I was there, a gentle but persistent current kept pulling me toward the Nā Pali Coast, which stretches westward from the lagoon.

Ke'e Beach, Kauai

Ke’e Beach, Kauai

The lagoon is surrounded by towering rocky cliffs, lush green tropical foliage and palm trees, and toasty golden sand. Nearby are ancient caves, trails and Tunnels (a.k.a. Makua Beach), which I have yet to explore…

Ke'e Beach autumn sunset

Ke’e Beach autumn sunset

Crave – food & drink

Once again, I’m in search of the perfect fish taco—this time on the northeastern shore of Kauai. I sampled fish tacos from a health food market in Kapaa, a Mexican restaurant in Hanalei, and a fish market in Kilauea. But, so far, the best one I’ve tried is less than 2 blocks from where I’m staying. How lucky is that? It’s a Paco’s Tacos lunch wagon at 4460 Hookui Road in Kilauea, just off the Kuhio Highway at the corner of Kolo Road.

The ono is a tender, mild, meaty, white fish. It’s served in 2 corn tortillas and sprinkled with fresh, crisp cabbage, mild pico de gallo and a cilantro cream sauce. Although the fish is grilled rather than beer-battered, this is the closest I’ve found to a Baha-style fish taco in Kauai.

Paco's Tacos fish tacos

Paco’s Tacos fish tacos

I tried the small container of hot sauce they provided but found the spiciness overwhelmed the other flavors. My advice? Skip the hot sauce and stick with the lime wedge. The fish tacos are $5 each. When I went, they had a special of 3 for $12.50.

Not since my spring breaks in Rosarito Beach, Mexico have I had a fish taco stand this close to my vacation abode. Stoked!

Tip: You can even call ahead to place your order, 808-635-0873.

Paco's Tacos sign

Paco’s Tacos sign

Book Buzz – DARK SURF news & goings-on

I’m so excited to announce that I’ll be a featured guest on Pub Talk Oct. 1, the day after DARK SURF is released! Hosted by renowned beer travelers Chris Nelson and Merideth Canham-Nelson, the live radio program airs Wednesdays from 5 to 6 p.m. on KRML 102.1FM/1410AM, and streams worldwide at

Pub Talk, which is broadcast live from Peter B’s Brewpub in Monterey, is a program centered on beer and the brewpub experience. Since most of DARK SURF is set in San Diego, I can’t help but mention local beers in the book because of the thriving craft beer scene there!

Peter B’s is located in Custom House Plaza at 2 Portola Plaza (behind the Portola Hotel and Spa) in downtown Monterey, Calif. Stop by & enjoy a pint during the show on Oct. 1!

You can find more about beer geeks Chris and Merideth at Merideth is also the author of Teachings From the Tap: Life Lessons From Our Year in Beer—which, I’m happy to say, is part of my library. Cheers!

Book Buzz – DARK SURF news & goings-on

Congratulations to Jackie G., winner of the drawing for the advance release copy of DARK SURF! 

Next time, we’ll do a drawing for DARK SURF gear (coming soon to!). As a loyal subscriber to DARK SURF Nightly, YOU will be automatically entered into the next drawing! If you have friends or family who might be interested in subscribing to DARK SURF Nightly, please encourage them to sign up for the blog at

Pulse – events & entertainment

Heads up, Veronica Mars fans! Play It Again, Dick debuts today on the CW Seed,

Play It Again, Dick is a digital series that follows actor Ryan Hansen as he tries to launch a show for his Veronica Mars character, Dick Casablancas. And if you saw the Veronica Mars movie, you know Dick has all the best lines, so I’m super-excited to see what Dick does with his own show.

In episode 1, as Ryan says in his pitch to the TV network: “It’s like a Veronica Mars that isn’t afraid of sex. We drop the whole ‘who gives a damn high school is a metaphor for something or other crock of sh*t’ and give the people what they want … Dick!” 

A new episode, each about 7-10 minutes long, airs each week, for a total of 8 episodes. Seven to 10 minutes a week of Dick and all your favorite Veronica Mars characters/actors… Sounds like a good time to me!

Book Buzz – DARK SURF news & goings-on


Dark Surf front cover

Dark Surf front cover

Yes! DARK SURF will be available for sale as a paperback & e-book Sept. 30 on

Why is this date so important? Because Sept. 30 is the official “launch day” and we want to register as many sales as possible on that day to get the book on Amazon’s bestseller lists! 

So mark your calendars for Sept. 30 & tell your friends! I’ll provide you with more details & a direct link to buy the book on that date!

Thank you so much for taking this journey with me. We’re almost there!

Dark Surf back cover

Dark Surf back cover

Crave – food & drink

Third Street Aleworks in Sonoma County, Calif. gravitates toward Anglo-Celtic style ales and more aggressive West Coast style (yum!) ales. But the Santa Rosa brewery also brews lagers, lager-ale hybrids, and beers that don’t fit into any category.


My favorite was the Zero Dark Thirsty Cascadian Dark Ale (6.7% ABV)—the darkest beer pictured on the right (above). Although they didn’t call it a red, I thought it tasted and looked like a super-dark, hoppy red ale. This beer is definitely growler-worthy!

And the food was very tasty, too—like the Beer Battered Zucchini Sticks with parmesan cheese and a ranch-style buttermilk garlic dressing. (Note: Vampires may want to avoid this dish due to the garlic content. Humans, however, will love it.)

*Growler-worthy rating: Zero Dark Thirsty Cascadian Dark Ale

Crave – food & drink

During my Northern California road trip up Highway 101, I decided to trek across the Oregon border and visited the Brookings Harbor location of Wild River Brewing & Pizza Company.

The real reason I made the journey was that I was having technical issues with my e-book conversion and needed a reliable cell phone signal and wifi connection to sort it all out. So why not get both at the nearest brewpub, right?

My favorite beer at Wild River was a seasonal beer, the Oregon Redwoods I.R.A. I found this to have a similar flavor profile to Sharkbite Red from Pizza Port Brewing Company, and Railslide Red from Breakwater Brewing Co. in San Diego County. But, as an I.R.A., the Oregon Redwoods was just a hint stronger.

Red ale, pizza, wifi and cell phone service—what more could an author ask for?