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Did 15-year-old Amelia Baron jump from her high school’s roof? Or didn’t she? That’s the central question in Reconstructing Amelia, the debut novel from Kimberly McCreight.

In the captivating story, the book is told from Amelia’s perspective, leading up to the fateful event. And it’s told from her mom Kate’s perspective, leading up to and following the supposed suicide. Amelia and Kate take turns narrating, drawing you closer and closer to what actually happened on the roof of the New York prep school.

As attorney and single mom Kate digs into Amelia’s life, friends and school, she realizes how much she didn’t know about her teenage daughter. Secret clubs. Hazing. In-person and cyber bullying. Vicious gossip. And more. There are lots and lots of twists as the story zooms to its end.

Entertainment Weekly put Reconstructing Amelia on its list of 10 books you shouldn’t miss this summer, calling it Gossip Girl meets Gone Girl. I call it a fun, dark read.

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