Vampire Bites – musings

When the temperature outside reaches triple digits and the golden summer sun seems like it will never set, I like to experience the spine-tingling chill of a good horror movie. Even better? One set in a subzero climate.

I first saw 30 Days of Night shortly after its 2007 release but I thought, what better time to revisit the tiny Alaskan town of Barrow than a hot summer evening? (By the way, Barrow’s average daily temperature in mid-July is 41° F. In the winter, it’s below zero.)

In the horror thriller, when the “Farthest North American City” plunges into a month of darkness, a band of bloodthirsty vampires attacks. After all, what better place to hold a feeding frenzy than a remote location, cut off from civilization, where the sun won’t rise for 30 days?

The vampire screams, along with their teeth and hyper-fast method of feeding, are creepy. The story is fun and pretty bloody. So, if you don’t like gore, you’ll want to skip this one. But if you want to cool down and see a band of humans try to outwit & outlast some vicious, hungry night-dwellers, rent the DVD or stream it.

Fun fact as reported on IMDB: “Everyone is eager to get the ‘last flight out’ before the airport closes down for 30 days. The airport may close for occasional storms, but it never shuts down for 30 days. Alaska Airlines flies to Barrow at least once a day all year.”

So in the winter if you get trapped in Barrow with hungry vampires, you don’t have to wait 30 days for a flight out. You just have to make it to the airport & hope they don’t follow you.