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Recipe – Apricot Brandy

  • 12 fresh apricots
  • 600 ml brandy
  • 8 ounces ultrafine sugar (a.k.a. baker’s sugar or caster sugar)

Chop apricots into small pieces. Crack open stones (pits) to obtain the kernels.

Place chopped apricots and whole kernels in a jar. Add brandy and sugar, making sure the fruit is covered. Seal jar and shake to dissolve the sugar.

Leave jar in a dark place for 1 month; shake the jar several times a week.

Line a fine-mesh sieve or colander with cheesecloth. Strain apricot mixture through cheesecloth into a large glass pitcher or bowl. Then transfer apricot brandy into a 750-ml bottle with cap (or glass jar with lid). Serve and enjoy!