Vampire Bites – musings & news

It’s A Shame About Ray (Dead) Girls Just Want To Have Fun The Teens They Are A Changin’ I’m So Lonesome I Could Die Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Mouth You gotta love the titles of Being Human episodes. The U.S. version of the SyFy series, now in … Read Entire Post

Crave – food & drink

It’s no secret that vampires crave tasty red liquids. A favorite night-dweller beverage is American red ale. With a medium to full body, medium malt character, and medium hop bitterness and flavor, American reds are all about balance. On the beer color spectrum, red ales are darker than pale ales and … Read Entire Post

Welcome to Dark Surf Nightly…

…the insider’s guide to coastal living for night-dwellers (vampires)—and, yes, humans too. Here, we’ll explore the dark side of the coast: Crave – food & drink Pulse – events & entertainment Vampire Bites – musings & news Shark Bites – news & sightings Dusk Patrol – surf news & initiatives … Read Entire Post